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How to Find a Favourite Cherry Flavoured Alcohol

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We all know that cherry is a great flavour for alcohol. The cherry flavour can be found in cherry brandy, cherry liqueur and cherry vodka. In this blog post, we will look at the different types of cherry flavoured alcohol – from top brands to how it tastes. This article goes into depth about what you should buy when searching for a favourite cherry-tasting alcoholic drink!

Where does cherry liquor come from?

Because cherries don’t have to be grown in the same region as cherry liquor, cherry liquor can come from nearly any place on Earth. Cherry liquor has a long history in Europe and, to a lesser extent, the United States, but cherry liqueur brands with their numerous cherry liqueur recipe possibilities may be manufactured in many locations around the world.

How is cherry liquor made?

Cherry brandy can be produced from cherry juice or cherries’ pits rather than the juice, or it may even be infused with the flavor of cherries. There are as many methods for making cherry liquor as there are recipes for cherry-flavored desserts.

Cherry Brandy

The best Cherry Brandy is a robust and adaptable spirit with powerful flavors and a variety of applications. Premium kirsch and maraschino cherry extract are used to give it the taste of delicious, ripe cherries.

It’s a fantastic addition to fruit cocktails. It can also be enjoyed on the rocks or even at room temperature. For a lovely after-dinner experience, combine it with desserts like mousse or chocolate cake, or add it straight to them for a deep, rich burst of genuine cherry flavor.

Best cherry brandy brands

DeKuyper Cherry Brandy

DeKuyper Cherry Brandy is a powerful and versatile spirit with rich tastes and many applications. It’s comprised of high-quality kirsch and Maraschino cherry extract, giving it the taste of sweet, ripe cherries.

It’s a fantastic addition to fruit cocktails. It may also be enjoyed on the rocks or at room temperature. For a lovely after-dinner experience, combine it with desserts like mousse or chocolate cake, or add it straight to them for a deep, rich burst of real cherry flavor.

In the glass, this spirit is a vivid and burning crimson. On the nose, you’ll notice strong notes of marzipan and chocolate, followed by sweet ripe cherries and warming almonds on the palate. They’ve also added spices like cloves and cinnamon to provide greater complexity, as well as crushed cherry kernels for enhanced almond notes.

Bols Cherry Brandy

Bols is a well-known producer of genuine, high-quality spirits with rich and complex tastes. Their Cherry Brandy is a fantastic addition to their lineup, with its lovely crimson color and powerful, unforgettable aroma.

This liqueur is made according on an ancient European custom, but it has been modified to appeal to even the most sophisticated and up-to-date pallette. It’s a delicious and inviting drink that can be enjoyed on its own or used in mixed drinks.

Like other bottles of Bol’s, it’s modest and reasonable in price for its high quality, meaning it’s simple to keep stocked in your home bar and ready for delicious summer cocktails or desserts after dinner.

The scent is rich and complex, with tastes of amaretto, almond paste, and fresh cherries as well as cherry stones. The flavor is full of marzipan, cherry jam, and a touch of almond notes to go along with a variety of herbs for depth.

Jacquin’s Cherry Brandy

Jacquin’s is one of the United States’ oldest cordial producers. The third generation continues to create a world-class selection of liqueurs, brandies, rum, gin, other spirits, and ready-to-drink cocktails for those who enjoy a powerful and distinct taste sensation.

The delicious flavor of Josequin’s Cherry Brandy is the ideal complement to your next dinner party, whether it’s informal or elegant. It’s a high-quality brandy at an accessible price that may be sipped neat, enjoyed on the rocks, or used in a variety of cocktails.

It works well with dessert or may be consumed as a substitute for dessert after dinner is done. If you want to get more creative, try baking it in!

Cherry Liqueur

The finest cherry liqueur, on the other hand, often includes several additional layers of flavor due to the fact that the sprits are generally matured in barrels and combined with herbs and spices. This results in a remarkable, complex, and hard-to-resist drink!

Cherries have a wide range of sweet tastes, so many liqueurs are available. Some people have gone down the more sour path, though, and produced liqueurs with a greater tartness to them – there’s something for everyone who enjoys cherries! 

Cherry liqueur brands

Luxardo Maraschino Originale 

Luxardo Maraschino Originale is a premium brand, not some low-quality spirit with a sweet cherry taste. Their liquors are based on an ancient, original recipe dating from 1821 that was handed down through the generations. The firm has been kept in the family throughout the years, with seventh-generation members presently in command. 

They have a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art facility that is continuously modernized to stay on top of the curve and up with the competition. They use estate grown cherries for this variety. After being harvested, the fruits are combined in the alcohol with branches and leaves for three years to mature.

The cherries and surrounding liquid are distilled only after this step, with just the heart of the distillate moving on to the next stage. The beverage is completed by aging it in ash-wood vats to the appropriate maturity. Simple syrup is used to raise the proof and complete the procedure. 

The flavor is subtle and filled with cherries. The texture is smooth and creamy, with a hint of dark chocolate vanilla, toasted nuts, and orange marmalade in the background. It’s a fantastic addition to any drink, but it also works well as a toppings for fruit or gelato. 

Heering Cherry Liqueur 

The Heering Cherry Liqueur brand was founded in Copenhagen by Peter Heering, who sold his homemade cherry liqueur as well as other items from his little shop. He followed a recipe given to him by Mrs. Carstensen, the grocer’s wife whom he had apprenticed under. 

The recipe calls for Danish Steven’s cherries, which are picked in August and crushed and macerated in a mix of alcohols. The fruit is smashed with an assortment of herbs and spices before being left to age for three to five years this way.

The liqueur is red in color and has strong scents of sweet cherry, spices, and marzipan when poured. The texture is thick, syrupy. Cherry and plum flavors are prominent on the palate. Wood and spice notes come to the foreground, with a smooth, herbaceous tart aftertaste.

It’s a very sophisticated fruit-flavored spirit that does exceptionally well in a number of classic and specialty cocktails, such as the Blood and Sand and Singapore Sling.

Berentzen Wild Cherry Liqueur 

Berentezen has been distilling since 1758, according to the company’s website. They claim to have first begun in 1758, but they kept things strictly within the family for a while. Whether or not the Berentezen family was distilling that far back isn’t as important as the high quality of each of their spirits. 

The family’s distillery is overseen with care, and only high-quality spirits emerge as a result of their process. Berentzen Wild Cherry is not an exception.

The liqueur is light and crisp, with sun-ripened cherries handpicked to ensure that each bottle offers only the finest, sweetest flavor.

Cherry vodka

Flavored vodkas are now manufactured in a variety of structured chemical processes, as a result of which different distillers utilize various production methods. The production of flavored vodaks is accomplished in several ways by different distillers.

Some vodkas, on the other hand, were not flavored using actual fruits, spices, or vegetables. Chemists in laboratories create aromas and tastes that are bought by distilleries and incorporated into the spirits at production time.

Flavors can be natural or artificial, and they may be quite diverse; for example, lemon, orange, grapefruit, cucumber, green tea, tomato, honey, chocolate , vanilla ginger cherry and even bison grass.

Best Cherry vodka brands

Smirnoff Cherry vodka 

The Black Cherry Twist was formerly known as the Black Cherry Twist. The name was altered, but not the recipe. It’s one of their forty-two flavors, made with recipe 21 vodka as a base, which is similar to number thirty-eight.

The oil is filtered through ten times and then triple-distilled, making it extra pure. Natural plump cherry flavor is added at a later stage. When the first drink goes down your throat, it has a pleasant sweet taste that isn’t overpowering.

The flavor of this liqueur is similar to that of Club 7, albeit more spicy and warm. It begins with a tart cherry note that fades into a piquant, warming vodka taste. It may be sipped on the rocks or used in mixed drinks.

Absolut Cherrys 

Absolut is the latest offering from Sweden’s vodka brand. It is reported to have a flavor that resembles sunlight-basked cherries with notes of sweet cherry, fragrant white cranberries, and crisp lemongrass.

This flavor comes from real components and is sugar-free. The taste is smooth and fruity, with a warm feeling in the mouth, and a pleasant sweet aftertaste.

Wisniowa Cherry

The flavor of this cherry vodka is rich and full, with a powerful taste that resembles black cherries, which are both sweet and sour with a lovely long finish.

The classic approach of distillation is employed to create this renowned Polish vodka. Only pure water, rye, and grain are used to make this liquor. It may be consumed straight from the shot glass or mixed with carbonated beverages like as in Poland.

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